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ISR Thermal Camera & Fused Imagery Upgrades

Camera Upgrade Service for all your drone platforms

At ViDARR, we understand the importance of reliable technology when it comes to military services. That’s why we are proud to offer a thermal camera upgrade for all kinds of UAVs and Drones. Our state-of-the-art technology leads the industry, giving our clients an edge like no other. Our team consists of experts in the field, constantly working to perfect and improve our products. Not only are our cameras durable and trustworthy, they have the ability to detect potential threats that are unseen by the human eye.

Thermal Gimbal Offering

This ISR package is a two-axis optical zoom pod gimbal developed specifically for fixed-wing UAVs, multi-rotor UAVs, unmanned boats, unmanned vehicles, robots andother platforms. The gimbal camera is equipped with ten times optical zoom. The lens uses a 1/3 for CMOS sensor with 4 million effective pixels

Gimbal is equipped with a high-precision 2-axis gimbal, with a total weight of 303g. The gimbal uses Micro HDMI video output interface and supports S.bus and serial protocol control

The gimbal supports upright/inverted two-axisinstallation and usage mode, which is especially suitablefor fixed-wing UAVs, rotary-wing UAVs, unmannedhelicopters, unmanned vehicles, unmanned ships, andinspection robots in inspection, survey, and surveillanceand the like.

Main Thermal Core Camera