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Obsolescent Part Solutions

ViDARR Defense Services (VDS) is the gold standard for Obsolescent Parts/Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) solutions. ViDARR’s world class engineering teams offer a wide array of obsolescent part solutions to include:

Computer aided drawing (CAD) file generation

Manufacturing consultation solutions

Low volume initial rate production estimating

High volume obsolescent solutions

Build-To-Print Solutions

Business Development Managers and Regional Account Manager’s from both the Navy and Weapons and Optics have utilized Vidarr’s unique Build-To-Print and Testing capabilities to create custom solutions at the Program Office-level to solve critical shortfalls in their obsolescent material management programs.

Low-rate initial production of SLQ-32 Electronic Warfare system components with NSWC Crane (WEPO team)

Custom Armor Fabrication and Installation on JLTV Armored Vehicle’s at NSWC Crane (WEPO team)

Technical Data Package for EW system at NSWC Crane (WEPO team)


Technical Data Package for CAD drawings for Electronic Circuit Card Assembly system at NSWC Port Hueneme (Navy team)

Facility Infrastructure Solutions

Many in the defense industry struggle finding a contractor they can trust to provide quality work and clear communication throughout the duration of their project. We provide top-notch construction management and clarity to give our clients peace of mind.


Containerized Solutions

Reloc Structure Install

Site Prep

Airfield Infrastructure

Range Training Sys Install

Long term Maintenance


Building Repairs & Maintenance

HVAC &Plumbing Systems

Hangar Upgrades

Fire Safety Systems


Custom Remodels

Mechanical Engineering


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