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ViDARR Inc & ViDARR Defense Solutions

ViDARR and ViDARR Defense Solutions (VDS) operate under the same umbrella, offering comprehensive solutions for modern armed forces. ViDARR focuses on creating innovative, in-house products with the motto “Built for Battle.” Meanwhile, VDS addresses contract needs with Build to Print solutions, Kitting, Facility Infrastructure, and Engineering services. Both divisions dedicate themselves to providing cutting-edge technologies to meet the dynamic challenges faced by military forces today.

Tactical Optics and Imaging Products

Night Vision Goggles | Night Vision Binoculars | Night Vision Monocular

Night vision technology is crucial for military and tactical operations as it improves visibility in low-light situations. Night vision goggles, widely utilized by military personnel, provide hands-free operation, allowing for seamless agility in the dark. These devices amplify ambient light to deliver clear visibility, ensuring optimal situational awareness. 

Night vision binoculars offer enhanced depth perception and greater detail recognition, making them ideal for reconnaissance and surveillance missions. For those requiring a compact and lightweight solution, night vision monoculars deliver exceptional performance, combining portability with powerful night vision capabilities. These devices are important in military operations, giving an advantage at night.

night vision goggles 4 tube pano binoculars
night vision binoculars vidarr
crane night vision goggles nvg monocular vidarr

Thermal Scopes | Thermal Binoculars

Thermal optics are a significant advantage in modern warfare. They can detect and track targets in the dark and through obstacles like smoke, fog, and foliage. Soldiers mount thermal scopes on weapons to provide sharp, clear thermal imagery, enabling precise targeting in challenging conditions. 

These scopes can detect heat signatures, making it simple to find and hit targets accurately, even in challenging environments. Thermal binoculars improve your vision by using both eyes. This helps you accurately judge distances and stay aware of your surroundings. This is important for tasks like scouting and watching from far away. 

Thermal monoculars are small and light, making them great for holding or mounting on a helmet. They provide flexible and easy-to-carry thermal imaging options. Each of these thermal devices provides a significant tactical edge, ensuring operational effectiveness in the most demanding scenarios.

thermal scope monocular optics themal binocular new hampshire military grade
thermal scope monocular optics themal binocular new hampshire military grade 2
thermal scope monocular optics themal binocular new hampshire military grade 2

Image Intensifiers | Enhancing Optic Functionality

Image intensifiers play a crucial role in enhancing optic functionality, significantly improving visibility in low-light conditions. These advanced devices amplify available light, including infrared, to provide clear and detailed images even in near-total darkness. 

Military and tactical operations often use image intensifiers in night vision equipment. They are crucial for seeing clearly in these situations, which can make a significant impact on the outcome. They offer high resolution and excellent sensitivity, ensuring that users can detect and identify targets with precision. 

Image intensifiers are essential for improving the performance and reliability of modern optical systems by delivering clear images in tough conditions.

nvg image intensifier night vision goggles thermal optics new hampshire ir light
nvg image intensifier night vision goggles thermal optics new hampshire ir light
nvg image intensifier night vision goggles thermal optics new hampshire ir light

Night Vision Camera | Thermal Camera | IR Light & Low Light Performance

Night vision cameras with IR technology and excellent low-light performance are important for surveillance and tactical operations. These cameras use infrared light to capture clear images in the dark, making them extremely useful for nighttime surveillance. 

The IR light enhances visibility without being detectable to the naked eye, ensuring covert operations. Night vision cameras are great for seeing in low-light conditions. They make images look clear even in extremely dark places by boosting the available light. This dual capability ensures reliable performance in a variety of scenarios, providing critical visual intelligence and enhancing situational awareness. 

Night vision cameras with IR light and low-light performance are great for security, military, or law enforcement. Ensure you miss nothing with ViDARR night vision cameras.

night vision camera nvg thermal imaging thermal camera surveillance


engineering services cnc milling defense solutions

Engineering & FABRICATION Services

The Milling Department at ViDARR exemplifies accuracy and flexibility, excelling in tasks from prototype creation to mass production. We dedicate ourselves to delivering excellence across every stage of the manufacturing process with unparalleled expertise and cutting-edge technology. 

Our skilled craftsmen and advanced machinery can offer top-notch services for creating prototypes and producing large quantities. We can provide efficient services for both prototype development and large-scale production runs. Our skilled craftsmen and state-of-the-art machinery ensure high-quality results for all projects.

At ViDARR, we embrace the challenge of transforming your visions into reality, regardless of the project’s scale or complexity. With our Milling Department at your service, your manufacturing needs are in capable hands. We stand prepared to exceed your expectations and propel your projects to newfound success.

Trust ViDARR to be your partner in innovation, driving forward with precision, dedication, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

3d printer manufacturing defense solutions

Build-To-Print Defense Solutions

Navy and Weapons managers appreciate ViDARR’s abilities for creating and testing products. They recognize the benefits offered by ViDARR. These important organizations highly regard the special abilities of ViDARR. They understand how to use ViDARR effectively in their work. 

We create customized solutions at the Program Office level. These solutions demonstrate our innovative approach to fixing problems in outdated material management programs. Our skilled team carefully turns blueprints into reality, making sure each solution meets our clients’ specific needs.

At ViDARR, we are proud of our ability to solve problems by making custom solutions. These solutions not only fix outdated issues but also make operations more efficient and effective. Using our knowledge and advanced technology, we handle defense and technology challenges with dedication and determination. 

Trust ViDARR to be your strategic partner in overcoming obstacles. We always come up with new ideas and achieve great results, helping our clients succeed in a changing world.

woman working in manufacturing facility defense solutions

Kitting, Logistics, and Supply Chain

ViDARR is proud to provide top-notch services in kitting logistics and supply chain management. We offer a range of services customized to meet the specific needs of each mission. 

Our team is great at analyzing mission needs, providing decision support, and planning projects to optimize the supply chain. We study and analyze logistics to make sure they match our goals and needs for missions. This helps us make informed decisions about the best way to organize and manage supplies for missions.

By analyzing different options and considering various factors, we can optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of our logistics. Our goal is to ensure that the right supplies are available at the right time and place to support mission success.

With ViDARR at the helm, clients benefit from integrated logistics support planning that streamlines processes and enhances operational efficiency. Our meticulous approach to kitting logistics ensures seamless coordination across the supply chain, from procurement to distribution. 

Trust ViDARR to be your partner in managing supply chains, delivering exceptional results and achieving mission success.

Thermal Sensor Integration

At ViDARR, our unwavering commitment is to fortify your safety and ensure your security. We stand as a resolute fortress against uncertainty, tirelessly pursuing excellence in safeguarding your interests. We specialize in adding advanced thermal imaging to drones, improving your abilities and awareness.

We carefully craft the ViDARR sensor integration solutions to seamlessly augment your existing drone fleet. We design our upgrades to help your drones perform well in tough environments and bad weather.

We provide a strong shield and valuable information to help you succeed in any mission. Trust ViDARR to help you see clearly and move forward confidently, with the skills to overcome obstacles.

About Us

We think that by working closely with our customers, we can understand their needs and solve their problems better. We approach all issues with the core Veteran belief that every problem is mission critical. 

While we may not be able to solve every problem, these shortfalls will never be the result of a lack of effort. ViDARR is mission ready and operator focused with endless creativity to tackle any problem regardless of size.



VIDARR’s primary mission is to keep our armed services in the fight. To that end, we have established a 24/7 hotline for Mission Critical Parts: (877) 636-2198. We have vast experience in Weapon systems, Lubrication Systems, Electrical and Engineering Systems.


Our LLT Team fully integrates with our in-house product development team. These CAD wizards, combined with ViDARR’s state-of-the-art equipment can turn out just about anything you can imagine.


Engineering Support: AGILE Research & Development Logistics, Test & Evalution Kits – Life Cycle Support: System Overhaul Kit, Engine/Motor Rebuild Kit


VIDARR’s primary mission is to keep our armed services in the fight. To that end, we have established a 24/7 hotline for Mission Critical Parts: (877) 636-2198. We have vast experience in Weapon systems, Lubrication Systems, Electrical and Engineering Systems.


Contract consulting services

DOD Contract Officers (KO) are subject matter experts at contract generation and fair market pricing. ViDARR is the premier solution for defense market research. We can quote just about any requirement that comes into your inbox!

Logistics and supply acquisition support

ViDARR employees are skilled at finding the items you need from top vendors at the best price. They can do this quickly while following DFAR regulations. If you work in Marine Corps Ground Supply or are a Naval Supply Corps Officer, we are here to assist you. Whether you’re in the Marine Corps Ground Supply or a Naval Supply Corps Officer, we can help. 

Market research support

ViDARR makes sure that all the KOs we work with get three quotes by having a flexible and adaptive supply chain.

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