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ViDARR and Vidarr Defense Solutions ( Build to Print, Kitting, Facility Infrastructure, Engineering and Logistics) Vidarr Defense Solutions stands as a preeminent military company, distinguished for its commitment to innovation and excellence in sensor and product development.

As a solutions-based enterprise, VIDARR is dedicated to addressing the dynamic challenges faced by modern armed forces with cutting-edge technologies. Specializing in the creation of advanced sensors and integrated solutions, the company seamlessly blends expertise in data analytics, artificial intelligence, and precision engineering.

Vidarr provides military entities with a comprehensive suite of products designed to enhance situational awareness, streamline communication, and elevate operational efficiency. With an unwavering focus on delivering tailor-made solutions for defense needs, Vidarr continues to be a trusted partner for armed forces globally, ensuring they remain at the forefront of technological superiority on the battlefield.


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Engineering & FABRICATION Services

The ViDARR Milling Department epitomizes precision and versatility, excelling in projects ranging from prototype manufacturing to high-volume production. With unparalleled expertise and cutting-edge technology, we are dedicated to delivering excellence across every stage of the manufacturing process. 

Whether you seek meticulous attention to detail for prototype development or seamless scalability for large-scale production runs, our skilled craftsmen and state-of-the-art machinery ensure unmatched quality and efficiency.

At ViDARR, we embrace the challenge of transforming your visions into reality, regardless of the project’s scale or complexity. With our Milling Department at your service, your manufacturing needs are in capable hands. From conceptualization to completion, we stand prepared to exceed your expectations and propel your projects to newfound success. 

Trust ViDARR to be your partner in innovation, driving forward with precision, dedication, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

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Build-To-Print Defense Solutions

Business Development Managers and Regional Account Managers, representing esteemed entities such as the Navy and Weapons and Optics, have recognized the unparalleled value of ViDARR’s unique Build-To-Print and Testing capabilities. 

Our tailored solutions, meticulously crafted at the Program Office level, stand as a testament to innovation in addressing critical shortfalls within obsolescent material management programs. With a keen focus on precision and reliability, our adept team seamlessly translates blueprints into reality, ensuring that each solution is finely tuned to meet the unique requirements of our clients.

At ViDARR, we pride ourselves on our ability to rise to the challenge, providing custom solutions that not only mitigate obsolescence challenges but also pave the way for enhanced operational efficiency and effectiveness. Leveraging a wealth of expertise and cutting-edge technology, we navigate the complexities of defense and technology with unwavering commitment. 

Trust ViDARR to be your strategic partner in overcoming obstacles, as we continue to innovate and deliver results that exceed expectations, propelling our clients toward newfound success in an ever-evolving landscape.

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Kitting, Logistics, and Supply Chain

ViDARR takes pride in delivering unparalleled expertise in kitting logistics and supply chain management, offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the unique needs of each mission. 

From conducting detailed mission needs analysis to providing decision support and project planning, our team excels in optimizing every aspect of the supply chain. We specialize in executing technical studies and trade-off analysis, ensuring that kitting logistics are precisely aligned with mission objectives and operational requirements.

With ViDARR at the helm, clients benefit from integrated logistics support planning that streamlines processes and enhances operational efficiency. Our meticulous approach to kitting logistics ensures seamless coordination across the supply chain, from procurement to distribution. 

Trust ViDARR to be your strategic partner in navigating the complexities of supply chain management, delivering results that exceed expectations and propel mission success.

Sensor Integration

At ViDARR, our unwavering commitment is to fortify your safety and ensure your security. We stand as a resolute fortress against uncertainty, tirelessly pursuing excellence in safeguarding your interests. Specializing in the integration of cutting-edge thermal imagery onto existing drone platforms, we elevate your capabilities to unparalleled levels, enhancing your discernment and situational cognizance.

The ViDARR sensor integration solutions are meticulously crafted to seamlessly augment your existing drone fleet. Engineered with resilience and adaptability, our upgrades ensure that your drones are optimized to thrive amidst the most hostile terrains and adverse conditions. Empowering your endeavors with a comprehensive shield and a wealth of actionable intelligence, we ensure that no mission is insurmountable.

Trust in ViDARR to illuminate the shadows of ambiguity, and forge ahead with unwavering determination, equipped with the knowledge and prowess to conquer any challenge that stands in your path.

About Us

We are a company of people who believe that working side-by-side with our customers is the most effective way to learn their needs and increase our ability to solve their problems.

We approach all issues with the core Veteran belief that every problem is mission critical. While we may not be able to solve every problem, these shortfalls will never be the result of a lack of effort.

ViDARR is mission ready and operator focused with endless creativity to tackle any problem regardless of size.



VIDARR’s primary mission is to keep our armed services in the fight. To that end, we have established a 24/7 hotline for Mission Critical Parts: (XXX) (XXX-XXXX). We have vast experience in Weapon systems, Lubrication Systems, Electrical and Engineering Systems.


Our LLT Team is fully integrated into our in-house product development team. These CAD wizards, combined with ViDARR’s state-of-the-art equipment can turn out just about anything you can imagine.


Engineering Support: AGILE Research & Development Logistics, Test & Evalution Kits – Life Cycle Support: System Overhaul Kit, Engine/Motor Rebuild Kit


VIDARR’s primary mission is to keep our armed services in the fight. To that end, we have established a 24/7 hotline for Mission Critical Parts: (XXX) (XXX-XXXX). We have vast experience in Weapon systems, Lubrication Systems, Electrical and Engineering Systems.


Contract consulting services

DOD Contract Officers (KO) are subject matter experts at contract generation and fair market pricing. ViDARR is your go-to one stop shop for market research. We can quote just about any requirement that comes into your inbox!

Logistics and supply acquisition support

Whether you’re a Marine Corps Ground Supply, or a Naval Supply Corps Officer, ViDARR employees are subject matter experts (SME) at procuring your requirements from the highest quality vendors, at the cheapest price, with the quickest contract vehicle all the while staying within strict compliance of the Defense Federal Acquisition Requirements (DFAR) 

Market research support

Due to ViDARR’s flexible and adaptive supply chain, ViDARR ensures to as far as practicable all of the KOs we work with receive three quotes.​